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Message from The Naked Label Founder, Briana Santoro:

Is being healthy and feeling fabulous important to you? If it is, then you’ve come to the right place. The following 10 recipes will tempt your taste buds and help you eat like a holistic nutritionist. Way to go!

I have always had a passion for food. It started as a kid, spending time cooking with my mom in the kitchen. She is a fabulous cook and I’m lucky to have learned from her. One of the valuable skills she gave me was the ability to experiment with ingredients and come up with my own creations. I have been experimenting with food ever since. When I went back to school to become a holistic nutritionist, my love for food and kitchen creativity was taken to a whole new level. I love to eat healthfuly and am fascinated by the abundance of nutrition and taste that can be found in healthy foods.

This cookbook was put together with the help of Irene Liu, a holistic nutritionist on The Naked Label team. We set out to choose 10 recipes that provided helpful tips and tricks for making healthy and delicious food. These dishes are continuously asked for by our friends and family. They are staples in our day-to-day lives and are recipes we could never live without. In short, these incredible concoctions will blow your mind and make your stomach smile. We had a hard time narrowing it down, but in the end we picked 10. We are very excited to share them with you and your family!

Bon Appétit!
Briana Southward, CNP, NNCP, BBA (Hons.) Registered Holistic Nutritionist


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“I absolutely LOVE the recipes in this cookbook!! I have to say that the chocolate mousse is my favourite. I am a huge chocolate fan and the fact that I can now eat chocolate mouse totally guilt-free is heaven on earth. Thanks Naked Label for sharing this with me!” – Sue

“I make my own hummus all the time, however, since I’ve started making the hummus recipe from your free cookbook the number of times I make it has definitely increased! I absolutely love the addition of cumin. That was a game changer! My hummus has never tasted so good!!!” – Betsy

“Thanks The Naked Label for these incredible recipes. I’ve signed up for free cookbooks on other sites before and usually end up disappointed. I am happy to report that this time was very different. I LOVE this cookbook! You see, I am new to the world of healthy eating and am always looking to expand my recipe collection. This book provided an awesome addition to my bookshelf. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work!” – Angela