Choice Health Bar My husband Steve and I spent a week in Maui celebrating our baby-moon. For the first few days we were in Lahaina, a quaint town bustling with culture and art. As we pulled into the town my tummy was grumbling. It was a long journey from Toronto and I needed something to refuel my body and hungry tummy! Luckily Steve had researched healthy hot spots before we left for vacation and had a map printed out with directions to this incredible restaurant called Choice Health Bar.

As soon as I walked inside the door I knew we would be eating here every day we were in town! This place was awesome! It has a laid back vibe. You order up at the counter and then can relax on couches or tables as you await/enjoy your food.

As I perused the menu trying hard to decide what to order (it all looked so good). I decided to order a few things that Steve and I could share. I find this is always the best way to try lots of things. We ordered one of their lunch specials which was a kale salad with soup and a little raw square for dessert, as well as a smoothie and a juice. All of it was amazing!

Choice Health Bar 1

Over the course of a few days we tried a number of things on the menu, although I have to say the thing that intrigued me the most was the Acai bowls. For whatever reason, I had never seen or tried and Acai bowl before coming to Hawaii. I quickly learned that it’s basically a super thick smoothie that is so thick you eat it with a spoon out of a bowl. It’s usually topped off with some toppings like fruit, granola, honey, nuts, etc. I was in heaven!! I could have eaten one of these bowls every day of my vacation! Ok, to be honest aside from missing a couple of days I did just that. I had the opportunity to try a few of their Acai bowls on the menu and they are all fantastic. You really can’t go wrong.

choice 3

One of my favorite things about this restaurant is their commitment to high quality food. Not only do they make delicious meals, they put a lot of effort into getting high quality ingredients to make them with. It says on their website that they “hand-select the finest organic produce grown on Maui’s family farms to help create a sustainable future.” This is totally true! I spoke to the owner on the phone while I was in town and while we spoke she was actually driving around to the local organic farms to pick up their produce for the restaurant. It doesn’t get more local than that!

If you find yourself in Lahaina, Maui make sure to stop in to Choice Health Bar for a meal, or two, or three! When I look back on my vacation, this hot spot was one of my highlights.