wow wow lemonade While traveling to Hawaii this year my husband and I fell in love with Acai bowls! If you haven’t tried them they are a must try. They are basically a delicious smoothie that is so thick you eat it from a bowl with a spoon. Then they top it off with toppings like granola, fruit, honey, nuts, etc. I’m drooling just thinking about them. While we were staying in Kihei, Maui we came across this amazing hot spot called Wow Wow Lemonade. If I could have put the entire restaurant in my suitcase to bring home with me I would have! I loved it that much. 

History of Wow Wow Lemonade

As the name suggests they specialize in lemonade. They started crafting their lemonades in farmer’s markets in 2012. They were such a hit that they started to expand and opened physical locations (which they call lemonade stands) for people to enjoy their products whenever they want. They were eager to offer more lemonade flavors to customers and found that this became challenging to do in the farmers market setting due to the lengthy set up and take down involved.

About The Owner

Wow Wow Lemonade was started by Todd Casselberry. In college he was a chef at a Hawaiian steak and seafood grill. He then spent some time away from the food industry and worked in clothing design for action sports companies like DC Shoes, Quicksilver, and Etnies. After losing their 3 year old son he left the design world to focus on family and decided to start a small lemonade stand at the farmers market for extra income. It quickly became very popular and they have just continued to grow and expand. BOY OH BOY am I glad they did!!

wow wow lemonade What You can Expect From The Ingredients

They source everything they can from local growers, and then find organic fruit as often as possible. They have developed great relationship with their local farmers and growers and their goal is to source 100% of their product locally in Hawaii. I am a huge fan of promoting local farmers and Hawaii definitely has a lot of great ones to choose from!

What To Order

wow wow lemonade You should definitely give their famous lemonade a try! In addition my 2 favorite items on the menu are their local Kombucha on tap. Yep you read that right. They actually sell Kombucha on tap!!! I wish pubs and bars started doing this 🙂 They partnered with Big Wave Organic Kombucha for their local Kombucha (which Todd calls “booch” – love it!). It is organic, local, and the owners take great pride in making a quality product. My taste buds can attest to this first hand.

I also loved their Acaii bowls. Todd mentioned that these have really picked up in popularity in Hawaii in the past year. I can see why! They recently added them to their retail cafe menu. They are like a smoothie so thick you eat it with a spoon out of a bowl. It is made with a base of Acai berry puree (sourced locally) and then other ingredients like nut milks, fruit, granola, honey, etc are added to turn it into an explosion of awesomeness in your mouth.

If you find yourself travelling through Maui or Oahu, Hawaii definitely stop in to Wow Wow Lemonade. You are in for a treat! 

wow wow lemonade