Juiceateria Inside While in Boca Raton this holiday season my husband and I woke up one morning craving a big green juice. We noticed there was a local juice shop called Juiceateria in walking distance from our hotel and decided to check it out. We may have gone for a juice but got so excited about all that they had to offer we ended up staying for lunch too! They have a few seats inside but since it was a nice day we opted to sit outside. They have a great selection of cafe style tables and lounge areas to sit and relax. 

What We Ate

I was beyond excited when I read the juice menu and discovered some of my all-time favorite blends up on the board. I had a very difficult time deciding between the Simply Green and the Immune Builder. In the end I decided to opt for the delicious sounding Immune Builder (apple, cucumber, lemon, parsley, spinach, kale and celery). It may have been the fact that it said this was their Signature Drink on the menu. Either way I am so glad I did. It was spectacular!

Although we just came for juice, the food looked so incredible we couldn’t resist. We ordered a brown rice noodle pasta salad with veggies. YUM!

pizza juiceateria We also shared a slice of their raw pizza. As I write this I’m trying to find the most accurate adjective to explain my excitement for this pizza! The best I could come up with was SENSATIONAL! However, I think if I’m being honest there isn’t a word powerful enough to explain how excited I was about this pizza. It’s one of those things you have to experience it to believe it. Yep – it’s that good!

The Best Part

Although the food was incredible and the staff was incredibly friendly, I would have to say that my favorite part of Juiceateria is the price. I have been to a lot of juice bars and I usually find them extremely expensive for what you get. As a result I often don’t get excited about going back, especially not regularly.

Juiceateria however has set the bar high and the price point low which makes me want to pop in on a daily basis. Their juices are $8.50 for 16oz, $11.75 for 24oz, and $13.75 for a whopping 32oz! Yep I drank the entire 32oz all to myself. My body was seriously in love with me that day (and probably for a few days to follow). Considering I’ve spent as much as $15 for a 10oz juice (cringing at the thought) I was in Juiceateria heaven! The salad was $8 and the pizza slice (which I thought was a very generous size slice) was only $4. In fact you can get the entire pizza for only $25. Wowee. I seriously considered building a vacation home right next door.

About Their Menu

Their juice is made fresh to order, it’s 100% raw and unpasteurized. They purchase fresh produce and prepare it daily. In addition they purchase organic produce when possible.

If you are loving the benefits of juicing they will even provide a 1, 3, 5, or 7 day cleanse program for you. Each day you are provided with 6 drinks comprising of approximately 15 lbs of fruits and vegetables that will help detoxify your body, reset your system, and brighten your skin. Sounds ideal!

In addition to their juices they also offer healthy smoothies, breakfast, specialty drinks like wheatgrass shots, soups, wraps, and desserts. If you want to treat your body to some incredibly healthy and delicious food this is definitely the spot to be!

To check out their complete menu GO HERE.

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