coco butter You’ve probably heard about the wonders of coconut oil by now – this beloved fat has swept the natural health industry, as we nutritionists speak of its many healthful properties, holding it near and dear to our hearts. Yes, I simply love coconut oil…and I also love coconut butter.

If you love coconut oil too, it won’t be hard to convince you to give coconut butter a try! Let me introduce you to the deliciousness that is coconut butter, its benefits, and ways you can use it.

To start off: what is the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter?

Coconut butter includes the meat or flesh of the coconut, whereas coconut oil does not. In coconut oil, the oil has been completely separated from the meat. Coconut butter is essentially the pureed/pulverized coconut meat, and has a thick, creamy, smooth texture. It is about 60% oil. And oh man, is it ever GOOD.

Because coconut butter includes the whole coconut flesh, it has nutritional components that the oil alone does not. When you eat coconut butter, you’re getting protein, additional vitamins and minerals, and most notably, fibre. The fibre content of coconut butter is what differentiates it from coconut oil the most. One tablespoon has 3g of fibre – yahoo! There’s never been a more delicious way to increase your fibre intake. Seriously, so delicious.

In other regards, coconut butter has the same general health benefits as coconut oil – let’s recap, shall we?

The many wonders of coconut

Energy and metabolism

Coconut oil and butter are composed primarily of medium chain fats, which are immediately burned for energy, rather than stored like longer chain fats.

Weight control

Because it’s a healthy fat, adding coconut butter to your meals helps satiate you, which keeps you feeling full longer.


Coconut products are one of the few foods that contain lauric acid, which is found in breastmilk. It helps to boost your immune system and fight the bad guys.


Speaking of fighting the good fight, coconut also contains caprylic acid, which has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It’s commonly used to help treat Candida and yeast problems. Pretty cool.

Skin health

Coconut is so good for your skin! If you haven’t tried using your coconut oil as a body moisturizer or massage oil, what are you waiting for? Get on it!

I know how to use coconut oil…how can I use coconut butter?

Great question. Frying and cooking is best saved for coconut oil; don’t put coconut butter in your pan. There are so many better ways to devour it!

When you were a kid, did you ever eat peanut butter by the spoonful, straight from the jar? (…No? That was just me?) Well anyway, I will admit that when I need a quick sweet fix, I sometimes turn to the coconut butter jar. I swear to you, it’s that good.

Other than eating it straight-up, here’s a list of ways you can enjoy this amazing nut butter:

-Spread it on your pancakes, waffles, toast, etc. This is pure decadence! (We all deserve decadence.)

-Add it to your smoothies.

-Use it to make raw cheesecake.

-Use it in dairy-free icing for cakes, cupcakes, etc. Yum!

-Use it as a fruit topping.

-Try adding it to your next homemade pudding.

-Add it to your curry sauces for a little coconut flavour twist. Amazing.

-Melt and drizzle it over baked sweet potato or squash, as you might do with butter. (Did you know the beta-carotene in these veggies is better absorbed when eaten with some fat?)

-Try crumbling it on your popcorn for a little something different.

-If you drink coffee, use a ½ tsp in your coffee instead of cream or sugar. Some coffee drinkers love this!

-Add a tbsp to your cereal or yogurt.

-Combine with other oils and butters in your DIY beauty products. Your skin will feel, smell, and taste exquisite. Oooooh baby!

Coconut butter is heaven, in my mouth. There’s not much more I can say; you’ll just have to take my word for it. Go and pick yourself up a jar – my favourite brand is Artisana because it is raw, organic, and has nothing else added to it.

One last tip: don’t keep it in the fridge or it will be very hard to work with. If you’re finding it’s really hard/solid, run the jar under warm water and stir it up.

Have you already tried coconut butter? What’s your favourite way to use it? Leave us a comment below! And while you’re at it, spread the coconut love using the social media links.

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