It’s time to break out the fresh tomato sauce and Italian vino because this pasta is healthy and delicious… so delicious in fact, it will impress even the Italian in your life. I know because I live with one. My boyfriend is Italian and he loves his pasta. For the longest time we ate the regular store bought white flour pasta. Truth be told, on more than one occasion I even opted for the no name brand. The price was so enticing, I couldn’t resist. I just kept looking at that huge value bag for $1.99 and the next thing you know it walked itself right into my cart. Once I started to really learn about food, it opened my eyes to the negatives of consuming a lot of processed white flour products such as pasta. Two of the main problems with pasta made from white flower is that it is lacking many of the important nutrients that were in the original grains before they were processed into a white product. Secondly, the fiber content is diminished. This is bad news since the vast majority of us are in serious need of a good fiber boost to get those bowels humming.

Personally, I’m all about substitutions. Just because white pasta isn’t great for us doesn’t mean we cannot eat pasta ever again. There are many other options. I thought I would focus on one specific product that I have found to be delicious. It’s called Tinkyada Organic Brown Rice Pasta. This is a pasta made from brown rice which is great because it is high in fiber, selenium, manganese, and magnesium. These nutrients translate into a whole host of benefits, some of which being antioxidant protection, improving immune function, reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome and gallstones, and some studies suggest it can even help reduce the risk of colon cancer. Wowee, things are looking up! I think this calls for pasta dinner tomorrow night.

Another reason I am choosing this particular product, is that I have tried other rice pastas and found that some end up being a gewy mess in the pot or the noodles all stick together. This brand however, comes out perfect every time and it tastes great.

So when it comes to pasta, even though the healthier options are a bit more expensive, we get what we pay for. First, our cells will thank us as they have more nutrients to do their day to day tasks. Second, our bowels will thank us as we help to boost them into high gear.

Good luck in the kitchen! Let me know how it goes.